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Find your voice, build your self esteem & self confidence,
eliminate anxiety and self doubt and communicate like a pro.

Be* Heard.

Communication Coaching, Be* Heard Workshops and Comedy Heals program - est. 2015

Bethany has over 15 years of performance experience- acting, stand up, hosting and transformational speaking. Over 6 years of private and group coaching. She specializes in public speaking, building self confidence, decreasing anxiety and communicating better in any relationship to improve your quality of life.

Recovery Coach

I'm a strength based mentor who promotes recovery from drugs, alcohol, codependency, etc. to create and instill successful change by focusing on goals, removing barriers and sticking to a plan one day at a time. I'm also specialized in codependency coaching for the family, partner and friends of the addict which is a key part of everyone's recovery.

Public Speaking
Be* Fearless

Have a live or virtual speaking engagement? Ted talk prep? Have some bad habits or blocks? Learn proven techniques and tools to gain self confidence and eliminate anxiety associated with public speaking and present like a pro.

Be* Successful

Add dynamics and confidence to your pitch or business presentations. Stand out in job interviews. From the way you stand to the inflection in your voice makes the difference in getting hired, increasing sales and managing more efficiently.

Be* Happy

Wanna try stand up comedy or performance? Have an important toast or speech coming up? Have anxiety in social situations? I can help you find your voice and express yourself clearly.

Be* Heard

Do you avoid confrontation? Feeling misunderstood or unheard? Trouble communicating what you want? Are you struggling with anxiety, low self esteem and expressing yourself? I can help you communicate clearer thereby improving your relationships.

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